EMIL bares all part 4 (September 28, 2008)

1. Do you believe in 2nd chances?
– Yup, more than 2

2. whom do u love most ur past or ur present?
– ung isang past, pro di nya ako love,..kaya moving on

3. If ur ex tries to square things again, wud u give him/her another
chance even if the cause of ur breakup was her/him having another affair?
– nope.,

4. If u wer d cause of ur breakup, wud u still have the guts to win him/her back if you feel u still love him/her?
– Yup nagawa ko na un, and mahal ko pa ung girl eh

5. How many ex’s did you have?
– mga 5,

6. Are u willing to still be friends with an ex??
– YUp , friends naman kami ng mga ex ko,..

7 . Still have communication with an ex?
– Meron pa sa text

8. Who among ur ex boyfriends/gir lfriends loved u best?
– secret.. ung last kc nka 1yr6mos din kami

9. Who among ur exboyfriends/ gir lfriends did u love most?
– Ung last din kaya nga kami tumagal mag two-two yrs kami hindi kc counted yung cool off.

10 . Wud u steal ur ex from his present partner..
– nope..

11. Is there anyone of them u regret breaking up with?
– wla.. things happen for a reason ..

12 . Is there anyone now trying to win you back?
– wla

13. Will you give her/him a chance?
– No

14. Do you still remember all d names of ur ex boyfriends/girlfrien ds?
– yup firstname, surname di ko kabisado ung 2

15. If you will be given the chance to choose among all ur ex
boyfriends/gir lfriends, who wud you opt to reconcile with?
– Ok naman kami friends pa rin naman kmi,


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