EMIL bares all part 5 (September 28, 2008)

1.Where have you been an hour ago?
*** D2 sa bahay answering all this blog survey questions

2 . State your name?
*** Emilio M. Miranda Jr.

3 . Do you like your name?
*** Nung una hindi kc Hero -bayani masyado, pro Ok na rin kc sa tatay ko galing

4. Can you remember what you did
on the first day of your school?
*** Grade1 , nagpasama sa nanay

5. What do you want to be in ten
*** May Family na, and still working for my family, enjoying life

6 . What do u feel upon receiving emails?
*** Ok lng not that curious about chain emails..

7 . At what age you first learned to use a pc?
*** Mga 10 yrs old MSDOS, Wordstar, mga paint programs

8 . Have you ever eaten any exotic food?
* ** nope.

9 . What was the last illness that you had?
*** Backpain,

10. Do you like listening to rap music?
*** Yup, pro ngaun senti pa rin

12 . What did you do last 1st November 2005?
*** Nagpunta sa cementery sa batangas to visit my mother’s tomb

13 . When was the last time you danced?
** * Sa bahay lng , mga 90’s music

14 . When was the last time you browsed the bible?
*** Matagal na..

15 . when was the last time you went to starbucks?
*** Matagal na

16 . What is the brand of your first wristwatch?
*** mukhang China un, pro alam ko CASIO un nung bata ako ung may LCD, tapos may backlight

17. Look at your back. what did you see?
*** White Wall

18. Say something about the person u like.
*** Mabait, maganda, Girlfriend material

19. does he/she like you back?
*** Hindi, di pa raw nya ako kilala

20. What did you have for breakfast?
*** Brunch na un, tuna with egg

21. what was the last dream you could remember?**
*** Wla eh wla ako maalala,,.. nxt question pls

22. What do you usually say when you meet a person?
*** hi

23 . Do you agree on the saying
“to forgive is to forget?”
*** YUp, and to forgive is to understand

24 . Last thing you held before using
the computer?
*** Pocket PC

25. Where is the place you always
dreamed of going to?
*** Japan,

26 . When was the last time your
tears fell?
*** 5 days ago, remembering the times i had with my last gf

28 . At what age are you ready to get
* ** Baka 29-30

2 9. Long hair or short?
*** long hair

30. First person to run to if you are depressed?
*** Wla na me GF eh…

31 . Whats the last movie you watched?
* ** A Very Special Love (john lloyd , and sarah)

32 . Were you attracted to a person
ten years older than you?
*** nope..

33 . Are you happy at this point of
your life?
*** Nope

34. Are you in love?
*** yes


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