EMIL bares all part 6 (September 28, 2008)

1) Hi, my name is…
* Emilio M. Miranda Jr.

2) When I’m nervous:
* I lost focus

3) The last song I listened to was:
* Makes me wonder -Maroon 5

4) If I were to get married right now
the best woman/man would be:
* Best Man si Angelo Natal

5) By next year I’ll be:
– 26, just turned 25 dis month

6) I have a hard time understanding:
– Wala naman , lahat di mahirap if you put you’re mine into it

7) If I won an award, the first person
I would tell would be:
* Award oh, Galing ko noh..

8) My favorite hair style is:
* Boy next door type of hair

9) My middle initial is:
* M

10) This Morning:
* Nagising ako sa mga nagpapaayos ng Computer

11) Last night I was talking to:
* Myself (kaya mo yan, tyaga lng)

12) If I was an animal I’d be:
* Wolf or Dog

13) A better name for me would be:
* Rommel

14) Tomorrow:
* is Sunday

15) Tonight I am:
* Prepare for the exam

16) I’m missing:
* My parents.

17) My favorite colors are:
* Blue and black

18) My heart is:
* Hurting, but healing and growing larger


19) Were you a planned baby?
* Yup

20) Were you the first?
* Yup

21) Were your parents married when you
were born?
* yes

22) When you were born?
* Sept


23) Parents: married or divorced?
* married

24 ) Are you an only child?
* Nope

25) If you have siblings are you
oldest, middle, or youngest?
* Eldest

26) Which parent do you get along with
* Preho, pro mas close kay nanay , pro idol si tatay

27) Do you have step-parents?
* nope


28) Do you have more than one best
* isa lng ung iba close lng tlga

29) What do you like to do when you are
* Play NBA live

30) Do you share the same interests?
* Yup, PC gaming, and work,

31) Which friend can you tell
everything to?
* Angelo

32) Do you have low self-esteem?
* paMinsan-minsan lng pro bihira

33) Do you get depressed about things easily?
* nope

34) Are you happy right now?
* Hindi eh


35 ) Are you comfortable with the way you look?
* yes
36) Describe your hair:
* long, Simple lng

37) How do you dress?
* Tshirt , shorts, or pants, boy next door type

38) Were you a strange child?
* Di naman.,


39) Are you scared of ing up old
and alone?
* Syempre , gusto ko may partner in lyf

40) What are you wearing?
* Black shirt blue shorts

41) Own any pets?
* Wala eh

42 ) Ever been thrown out of a bar?
* nope


44) Do you prefer indoors or outdoors?
* Indoor, pag basketball syempre outdoor, depende talaga sa activities

45) favorite season?
* Marco Sison, joke lng , Christmas,.. Summer kc sobrang init, kahit iba na ang weather pattern natin.

46) Do you like walking under the rain?
* Nope, Occasional na lng me Magpaulan , iwas bawal magkasakit eh..


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