Toshiba Satellite L200 SATA Driver

Well, lately a lot of people complaining about the problem arose when they tried to install Windows XP to their brand new Toshiba Satellite L200 laptop. Usually they got the blue screen error message saying that their hard disk was not found. It seems like it is a result of a hypothetical secret agreement between Toshiba and Microsoft to save the sales of Windows Vista that seems to be the latest Microsoft’s flop, if such agreement exist.

The Toshiba Satellite L200 SATA driver that I shared here is the solution for those who wants to install Windows XP on the Toshiba Satellite L200 laptops. However, it might as well work on other Toshiba’s laptops? I advise you have a check first at their website.

You may wonder, how to install it? Well, I suggest that you incorporate the driver into your Windows XP installation CD by using software such as nLite. In other words, you need to have the ISO of your current Windows XP installation CD, the Toshiba Satellite L200 SATA driver, and you merge both into another CD using nLite. Hopefully you understand my explanation.

Please download using the link below.
XP Sata Drivers

How to integrate the drivers you may ask download a floppy drive emulator
How to make a Portable Virtual Floppy Drive
1. Download VirtualFloppyDrive
2. Extract the contents from the zip to your USB device
3. Run vfdwin.exe to launch the program
Then you should install or run the floppy drive service , Change the Drive Letter to A and Click Create/Open then hit the create button.

Then Create the ISO or CD using Nlite by integrating the INTEL 82801HEM SATA driver goodluck ..


Samsung Omnia Battery Save

Samsung Omnia i900
I have tried this Settings in my samsung omnia i900 in order to save Battery Life.
Note: This tips came from other forums sites.

These settings would help..

1. Disable 3G.

  1. press the left key to bring out dial pad
  2. on the Menu soft key, click option
  3. On the more tab, choose band selection from the list and click “Get Settings”
  4. set frequency to GSM 900/1800. – this band is for GPRS/EDGE band, the other one is for 3G, choosing edge/gprs over 3G will give you around 1 DAY more battery…or so they say.

TURN OFF DEVICE if not used for 1 minutes.
3. Enable Wi-Fi power saving mode.
Settings > System > Power > Wi-Fi Tab (Lower Right)
4. BACKLIGHT: Manual Adjustment (at the minimum)
5. Close all applications after use

Next Time I will post must have programs, and How to tips in Enjoying this Windows Mobile Device