PBA 2K12 Installation

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///// PBA 2K12 Installation Start ////////

1) Install your NBA 2K12.
2) Make sure you have a Running Licensed copy of NBA 2K12. We do not tolerate piracy so Please support 2K Sports by buying legitimate copies of the game.
3) Run the Game.
4) After customization, close the game.
5) Now We can Install the PBA 2K12 Patch
6) Visit : http://www.pba2kseries.com

and Download the patch
7) Press Windows Key + R and type %appdata%
Make sure this folder exist For windows 7 or Windows 8 C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\
2K Sports\NBA 2K12\Saves For windows xp C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\
Application Data\2K Sports\NBA 2K12\Saves

8) Go to NLSC and Download the JSGME

Click this Link to download the Generic Mod Enabler

9) Download hjsplit at www.hjsplit.org

10) Join the downloaded Files
11) Install JSGME
12) Install PBA 2K12 Mod just create a folder like pba2k12v1 inside the MODS folder

13) Copy PBACHP2K12.ROS to the Saves folder and rename the old roster file. Press Windows Key + R Type %appdata% and go to
2k Sports/NBA 2k12/Saves Folder

14) Run the JSGME and Enable the Mod and Run the game.
15) When a blank Screen occurs Just press Enter/Space bar or the Start Button in the controller.

16) Now you can now Enjoy the Game.

///// PBA 2K12 Installation END ////////

UST-UP JERSEY FIX: Download Link available at the Forum PBA 2K12 Release area.

For Shoes problem
Try Installing NBA 2K12 Official Online Data Update 25/12

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Sample Gameplay for PBA 2K12

Here’s a sample Gameplay for the PBA 2K12
which will be released 3 days from now on May 20,2012

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PHIWUG Windows 8 Load Fest

Event Date: March 3, 2012, Saturday
Event Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm

hands-on lab and presentation-based seminar that will go over some of the new features and benefits of Windows 8, organized and delivered by the Philippine Windows User Group.


Overview Windows 8
Technical Overview
Metro UX
Windows server 8

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